We’ve all had that nightmare about losing or cracking our teeth, but to have it happen in real life can be quite upsetting and painful. Traumatic dental injuries can be the result of an accident or a sports-related injury and can include anything from chipping a tooth to having a tooth or multiple teeth knocked out. When you experience a traumatic injury to your mouth or a tooth, it is imperative to get seek help from a medical professional as soon as possible. Endodontists are trained in saving injured teeth, and depending on the severity of your injury, there may be several treatment options available to you.

For cracked or chipped teeth, we can repair the tooth by reattaching the broken piece (if you have it) or by adding a tooth-colored filling to the affected area. If the pulp of the tooth is exposed or damaged, a root canal may be necessary. Generally speaking, front teeth cracks, fractures, or chips are more accessible and easier to treat than those of back teeth. If a back tooth is injured, a root canal and crown may be recommended as we make sure the crack does not extend further into the root.

Dislodging a tooth occurs when the tooth gets pushed further into the socket, sideways, or partially out of the socket. To reposition a dislodged tooth, we can stabilize the tooth through a variety of endodontic procedures. Once the tooth is stabilized, it may be necessary for your endodontist to perform a root canal to make sure your tooth stays in place.

Even a completely knocked out tooth can be restored if you’re quick enough to receive treatment from a specialist. If you have the tooth (and can get to your endodontist within 30 minutes), there is a chance we can place the tooth back into the socket and stabilize it to naturally heal back into place. In this case, be careful not to touch the root surface.

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